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About Us

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Looks Like Me, is a boutique casting agency that raises the profile of underrepresented groups featured in the arts, fashion and the advertising world. To date we have achieved key successes including casting talent in advertising campaigns for the likes of: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Warner Music, Nickelodeon, Costa, Heathrow, George Asda, LEGO and additional casting for Brown Skin Girl, a film by Beyonce #BLACKISKING.

Casting Director/Producer Selma Nicholls is motivated by her daughter Riley-Ann, who questioned her own identity due to the limited visibility of children that looked like her on billboards, theatre shows, the big screen, magazines and within advertising content during 2015.

Selma decided to create the change she wanted children and the world to see. Setting up Looks Like Me with a commitment to demonstrate the importance of representation in casting and content.

Selma is a member of the CDA- Casting Directors Association.

Image by Rakiya Shay