A few burning questions answered

What is Looks Like Me (LLM)?

Redefining beauty with Looks Like Me, a talent/model agency raising the profile of underrepresented groups.

Celebrating the positive representation of underrepresented groups, launching with Black and ethnic minority (BME) children featured in advertising and accessing the arts.

Why have you focused on BAME children?

Currently, only 7% of Black and Asian children are featured in UK advertising. LLM believes there is a need for this number to increase and is committed to be part of the solution!

Who do you represent?

Boys and girls, aged between 10 months and 10 years’ old

When do you launch?

September 2016

Where are you based?

Tottenham, North London

How do I apply to join LLM?

You will need to submit an application using the ‘application’ page. We do not accept email or postal applications. If your application is successful, we will contact you via email within 10 working days. Our agency books are officially closed until September 2016.

Do I need a portfolio?

No. A portfolio is not necessary when applying to LLM agency.

Does LLM accept all children who apply?

No. We will decline applications due to limited available spaces on our books. Our books close when we do not have availability, those who are successful are invited in to meet a booker. Our philosophy is to only accept a limited number of applicants, offering a greater chance to find assignments (work) through the LLM agency.
LLM children are exceptional, exquisite and have beautiful personalities with the temperament to cope with the varying demands of the talent industry, supported by well-prepared parents/guardians.
We will insist on meeting and testing successful models under camera before signing them with LLM.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees to be represented by LLM agency.

What are the costs?

There are no costs to be represented by LLM agency, however you will be asked to provide and cover your own expenses for high quality images of your child, which our clients view to select children for work.

We can suggest photographers that offer subsidized LLM rates: £30 per year, paid in three installments (£10 in September, £10 in January and £10 in May) this will contribute towards your child’s photo-shoot at LLM, three images (one headshot, side shot and one full length shot) and a friendly assessment/getting to know you and your child.

We will be working with high profiled clients, in an industry which is highly competitive. We therefore must insist our artists have only images of the highest quality on their webpage to offer our clients.

LLM is creating a demand and supplying the finest children!

As long as you have up to date photos and sizes you will be seen by our clients.

We want our children working getting the inclusivity, visibility and employability!

What is our commission rate and are we sole rep?

Our commission rate is 20% for photographic; and 30% for commercial work and usages. LLM are not sole rep, you can register with more than one agency.

How often can I expect work?

It is extremely important to manage your expectation regarding your child being selected for work.
It is important to understand that it is the client and not the agency who chooses the talent/models for their campaigns.
We therefore cannot guarantee work for any of the models/artists.
Some artists are booked regularly, some occasionally, whilst others not at all. We have limited spaces on our books and aim for all children to be seen and hopefully selected for work. We can guarantee that we submit all artists to clients when they match the brief. We also ensure professional, ethical representation at all times.
As long as you have up to date photographs and measurements you will be seen by our clients.
We want LLM children to successfully achieve inclusivity, visibility, and employability.

How much do child models earn?

All jobs are different and earnings will depend on the client, campaigns and how much, how long and where the campaign is featured.

Average rates are below:

TV Commercial – £180 day rate
Film & TV – £100 (extra) – £150 (day rate)
Photographic – £60-£100 per hour
Additional usage applies to TV commercial and photographic work £560-£25,000, depending on territory and time
Commission is not applied to travel costs. Our agency commission is 25% for photographic work and 30% for commercial work & usages.
The above rates are a guide; the LLM agency will always negotiate for the best rate for a child and to secure the job. The more the child earns, then the more the LLM agency does too!

Additional Application Information:

We do not consider incomplete applications, or those with inaccurate information.
We are unable to consider those who are not permanent UK residents.
We do not accept applications from those only seeking model work. We are a talent agency primarily and submit our talent for model work too, not the other way around!
You are welcome to apply without previous training or experience.
Be part of the change you want to see!